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Interior Design Consultation

CONSIDER THIS “A kitchen designer, lighting business or curtain company will work with you independently to design and ultimately sell you either their kitchens, lighting or curtains.  This is usually based on what’s popular at the time, what they believe you will say yes to and what they standardly do.   Whereas, an experienced interior designer brings a total perspective on functionality and aesthetics, a broader sphere of knowledge and an ability to balance your decisions, knowing when to push, when to pull back and how to make it better.

An interior designer will look at the potential of all of these choices together and consider how they interrelate with each other in your space, along with with the rest of your home.  In considering the grander vision, new options, choices and opportunities arise, ultimately leading to you to harness the power of better decision making from the outset.  You will achieve more harmonious, long living design and a more beautiful home with a far more defined sense of style.”



We are excited to announce that our new store DECORISTA is opening at 502 CHARLES STREET,  NORTH PERTH, in mid March 2020.  We are currently unable to provide interior design consultation services. 



SUITABLE FOR PROJECT SIZES:  Small, Medium, Large and Self-Managed


Perhaps you are designing, building, renovating, revamping, furnishing, decorating, shopping for or making changes to your home over a period of time.  A flexible interior design service that can be accessed as you need it, throughout the duration of your project and into the future is probably just what you need.  Our ongoing design consultation offers you exactly that.

When you work with us as a single reference point to ensure consistency in every or any aspect of your home and interior design, you get our expert knowledge and know how to help you make decisions that work. We are one of the most highly skilled interior designers in Perth and we will help you ensure that every choice you make co-ordinates as a whole to create the best possible result. 

We can help you with decisions both inside and out, from planning and designing your spaces to working out what goes into them and how to furnish them.  This is the most common type of interior design assistance that you will find available in Perth, to which we bring our proven experience and truly unique spin.


This type of consultation can be used for:

  • Interior design and space planning.
  • Interior decoration, from one room to a while home.
  • Creating more curb appeal.
  • Developing a grand vision for your home.
  • Designing with more colour.
  • Integrating indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Services for renovations, new builds and pre-start.
  • Get to most out of your home renovation or home update.
  • Just moved in, how to work with your new home.
  • Creating design harmony throughout your home.
  • Making better decisions that work.
  • Coordinating materials selections and colour choices.
  • Kitchen, bathroom and cabinetry design.
  • Choosing carpet, tiles, lighting and more.
  • Revamping your existing interiors or start new.
  • Furnishing for any space, indoors or outdoors.
  • Planning and then helping you shop for furniture
  • Bringing every decision together to create beautiful design.
  • Choosing curtains and blinds to enhance your interiors.
  • And if there is anything that you need just ask!


The advantages are:

  • This service is flexible, you pay only when you access it and only for what you need. You can use it to carry out interior design for any aspect of your home, when and where you need assistance.
  • This service allows you to do some of the work yourself, bringing in a designer for only the relevant bits where you need help, thereby enabling you to manage costs.
  • You can use this service only with direct one on one contact with the designer or you can ask us too facilitate other aspects of your project as well, it’s entirely up to you.
  • If you are managing your own project or building, different decisions become relevant over time, ongoing consultation allows for this, we can help you right the way through from planning, to selections, to furnishing, to the extent that you need.
  • If you are working with tighter time constraints, or like to work fast, this service can be adjusted to your needs. Providing we can schedule within our studio constraints, the timeline is dictated by you.
  • Get help to design or furnish a single room right through to your whole home, or get help with anything that you need.
  • This option allows you to work with what is available from Perth furnishing showrooms and stores and also supplement your choice with some of our additional furnishing ranges to give you better choice.
  • You get direct access to access a highly skilled, innovative professional to help you design a better result. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have someone to guide you and help make decisions.



At Matt Tucker Design Studio, we are here to help you create better interior design in your home.  Follow the links below to learn more about our other service options: 


We invite you to contact us for an obligation free, friendly discussion to discover how we can assist you with interior design for your home.  Phone us on 08 9371 9384 or use the enquiry form on this page.


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