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Consultation is a big part of what we do. We help create luxurious spaces to be lived in, loved, shared and enjoyed.
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Achieve a stylish and beautiful interior with our expert design. We combine furnishings from quality local & overseas suppliers.
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Consult with us to make your renovation a success. We can assist from start to finish. Create a beautiful design & valuable home.
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Enjoy the ultimate in choice and design flexibility. Create the perfect piece that is tailored to your space and ideal needs.
Luxury interior design Perth
Tailored Design

materials, fixtures and furnishings that work together in harmony are the signature of quality design. Matt Tucker will help you make the right decision every step of the way.

Luxury interior design Perth
quality furnishings

There's no substitute for the look and feel of quality furnishings to bring a touch of style and luxury to your home

I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt Tucker to anyone who wants to create a beautiful place in which to live, as he is satisfied with nothing short of excellence. Please don’t think about going it alone.
- Helen Phillips -
Matt is an incredibly talented interior designer, I loved his ideas.  He’s captured my taste perfectly and left my apartment with a feeling of peace and tranquility, which is exactly what I’d hoped to achieve.  
- Helen Phillips -
I have come to rely on Matt to make my life a lot easier, challenge me to think outside the box when I need to, afford me the opportunity to live in beautiful homes and ultimately help me gain the financial return that motivates me.  
- Dean Richardson -

Luxury interior design Perth

Perth Interior Designer, Matt Tucker, epitomises innovative, vibrant and enduring design. With a career spanning more than two decades, Matt has firmly established himself as a trendsetter, innovator and as one of the leading interior designers in Perth.

Matt Tucker Design Studio offers personalised interior design services that range from initial architectural collaboration and materials selection, home updates and renovation projects, through to interior makeovers and complete home furnishing. Contact us today and ask about our free initial consultation.

Dream kitchens and bathrooms

At Matt Tucker Design Studio, we create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. We understand that not all homes are the same and we work with you to design spaces that are both functional and stylish.


We provide luxury furniture in Perth. Our services include updating components of your existing décor or creating an entirely new furniture  perfectly coordinated furnishing scheme for your home. We bring value to our customers, ensuring you have a choice of unique and beautiful furniture.

Custom design

Choose from a range of the best custom built furniture in Perth. We can create a one-of-kind piece of furniture in the perfect design, size and colour of your choice, to coordinate your décor and perfectly fit your space.

World class design

With a commitment to careful craftsmanship and absolute quality, we can provide you with access to some of the best and most interesting furnishing and home collections in the world.

Consider Matt Tucker Design Studio

Matt Tucker’s trademark attention to detail, use of colour and texture, along with his use of global ethnic and iconic architectural influences are all hallmarks of his timeless aesthetic and luxury interior design skills. The key to his success is his unique ability to work with many different design styles in order to create individual results for discerning clients. An open mind to design, an absolute commitment to quality as well as a comprehensive worldwide furniture and accessories supplier base, enable him to create truly individual outcomes.

Together with our interior design consultant, we will work carefully with you to create a design or scheme for your home that suits your budget and beautifully brings your vision to life.

Matt Tucker Design Studio consults directly with clients to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved for their project. Consultation is an ongoing part of our process and as such, it forms one of our primary services.

We have three consultation service categories:

  • Building and architectural
  • Interior design
  • Home Furnishing

For a friendly discussion regarding your new home, co-ordination of your design selections, renovation or home furnishing project, why not contact us today.

World Class Design

With a commitment to careful craftsmanship and absolute quality, Matt Tucker Design Studio tailors beautiful interiors to enhance your home and suit your individual style. We provide access to some of the best and most interesting high end furnishing and home collections in the world.

Project Consultation Project Consultation Project Consultation Project Consultation Project Consultation

Consultation is a major part of what we do. We are in the business of helping create personalized spaces to be lived in, loved, shared and enjoyed. Working directly with each client is how we help achieve a successful outcome.

We offer consultation to assist you in the decision making process of home design, selections and aesthetic choices as well as consultation throughout the process of interior design and furnishing.

Matt Tucker Design Studio operates as a one-stop hub to give you access to quality design, creativity, advice and products. We care about the detail and give you the ability to bring all of your decisions together from start to finish in the creation of a beautiful home.

Tailored Furnishing Packages

Update components of your existing interior design or implement an entire full home furnishing scheme that has been perfectly designed to fit your budget, home, lifestyle, preferences and individual desires. Perhaps you may like to start again from scratch or maybe you might prefer to re-work some of your existing treasured pieces of furniture into your new scheme - either way we can help you.

Tailored furnishing packages are the among the most popular of our services because they streamline the interior design process for you and allow us to predetermine and set the cost of your project. Once we establish your budget and have agreed upon your project scope we can develop, implement, consolidate and install a beautifully co-ordinated selection of quality furnishings and accessories for one or all rooms of your home in one simple streamlined process. Imagine how much time, money and angst that you can save when you make the decision to plan and create your interior with us.

Why Furnish Your Home With Us

We design and curate beautiful interior design packages for our discerning clients. Matt Tucker Design Studio provides access the immense range of furniture and accessories that we call upon to create or supplement your tailored interior design scheme. We source furnishings from local and overseas suppliers, which include some of the top designer furnishing collections from around the world.

We create unique interior design schemes tailored to your home and personal preferences. We proudly offer you unparalleled selection and quality alternatives that we edit just for you - you'll only ever be shown real options that work in your home.

Our focus away from generic and widely mass produced goods allows us to provide our clients with quality well made products of a more unique nature, interesting furnishings with character and ranges of products that suit all sorts of architectural styles whether classical, traditional or modern.

Matt Tucker Design Studio offers you the luxury of choice in furnishings and design. We also specialize in beautiful upholstery and soft furnishings that are available in a huge selection of fabric choices and have the ability to produce custom design elements and large scale pieces should your project require it.

The choice available through us is greater than any shop and in addition to just accessing product you get an industry proven expertly skilled top interior designer with over 20 years experience to guide you through the process.


Building, renovating or furnishing your home, Matt Tucker Design Studio can help you. We specialize in residential interior design, embrace the opportunity to actively contribute to projects and enjoy working well with people.

We believe in providing clients an alternative away from the ordinary, beyond the influence of trends and importantly stand the test of time. Our goal is to provide high end tailored interior design solutions that both create beautiful homes and shape valuable properties.

Creating sophisticated, indulgent and unique spaces for people who enjoy living in stylish homes is what we do. Take a look at some of our recent projects or contact us today to discuss your own.

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